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Ruben Pusateri – Editor

Ruben has a vast and extensive background in Science and Technology with a masters degree in Network Security from Liverpool John Moores University, UK. Ruben has worked with some of the best in online media industry covering technology, science, and health-related news.

Mary Camden – Managing Editor

Mary has been creating and managing content for over a decade. SHe has extensive experience developing marketing, public relations and corporate communications materials in a variety of fields including finance, human resources, tourism, education, banking, and NGO administration. Her specialty is making sense of the complexities of large companies.

Linda Cantu – Technology Expert

Linda has been into technology industry for last 7 years and loves to write about anything related to technology. She has a keen interest and deep knowledge of technology industry. Linda goals in life are simple – to stay happy, healthy and to keep writing as long as she possibly can.